MSD Engineering Services


Microsystems Development offers a complete range of custom product design and development as well as prototype building, pre-production and production turnkey services. We are proud to have been involved in many many successful products. 

We specialize in electronic hardware and software design for microprocessor based applications. In addition to our in-house staff of electronic hardware and software engineers, we have forged partnerships with excellent and reliable sources for all phases of product development. This includes industrial design, mechanical design, model building, and more. 

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are able draw from a diverse and talented pool of engineering and creative specialists to bring your product ideas to life.

Specification Development 

Often, we find it useful and productive to work with our clients during the initial concept phase of design. Our years of experience can help guide the product and features to produce reliable and cost effective designs. We feel equally at home working side by side with our client's designers and product managers as we do on our own.

Component Selection 

We can help you choose an appropriate microprocessor based on your functional requirements and cost constraints. We are familiar with a wide variety of devices from the U.S. and abroad, ranging in price from $0.07 (that's 7 cents!) and up. We will carefully examine your specification and point out any tradeoffs necessary to choose the best microprocessor and well as the best support circuitry.

Hardware Engineering 

Microprocessor based hardware and software design is our specialty. The process only starts with component selection. After that, experience really counts. MSD has the expertise to design both the digital and analog circuitry required for your product, as well as PCB layout. We work closely with the mechanical and industrial engineers to arrive at a design that works. From simple one-chip designs to complicated multiple chip with communications, MSD can get it done. For high-volume low-cost designs, we can strive to squeeze as much functionality as possible out of the smallest number of components. For larger designs, we can build in room for growth and features where necessary.

Software Engineering 

We write the firmware to make your product perform. We have the experience to design the firmware correctly from the start. With a correct design, coding goes much more smoothly. We'll choose the correct language for the given platform and bring your product to life with software. We pride ourselves on being able to do accomplish more with software and less with hardware, in order to reduce product cost.

Music Composition 

Today's sophisticated electronics require sophisticated musical compositions. We can provide quality original music composition designed specifically for your application. Whether the need is for accent stings and jingles, musical sound effects, audio logos, songs with vocals, or complete themes and evolving background music, we have staff with years of experience at composing within the limits of contemporary hardware formats. From gentle "kiddie music" designed for the youngest children, to classical music arrangements, to contemporary pop styles, we can offer music tailored for your product.

Audio and Sound Effects 

We have years of experience with original sound effects design. We have access to commercial sound effects libraries and have extensive experience at modifying, creating, and combining sound effects to match the "feel" of particular products and to tailor them to different age groups. We can provide voiceover talent (narrators, character voices, etc.), speech recording, and editing and concatenation in-house as part of a complete audio package‹no need to find another source for speech. Our staff has worked on projects with extremely complex editing and concatenation requirements and is familiar with the techniques and tricks required to make concatenated speech sound as natural as possible.

Graphics and Animation 

Our artists are very experienced in making your LCD or TV product come to life. We can work with your existing pictures and characters (can even please picky licensors) or create a memorable one just for you. Our artists and programmers work closely together to pack as much graphics into a product as possible.


Need one? We maintain a stock of parts for quick prototyping and breadboard building. We can build 1, 2, or several prototypes and provide all documentation necessary for transfer to the manufacturing facility of your choice, whether it be in the U.S. or overseas.

Need a thousand? We can provide complete turnkey services, delivering products or subassemblies designed to your needs, made in the U.S.A. 

Need a million? We have excellent contacts with overseas manufacturing companies eager for your business.

Bottom Line 

We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective designs on time and within budget.